Spinal problems in the dog

I recently attended the ACPAT conference where leading vets and chartered physiotherapists in the UK presented the current evidence and clinical practice in treating canine conditions of the spinal chord.

This is topical as I have a few patients currently with these conditions
Enter Oreo- https://www.facebook.com/Oreosrecovery

So, what’s the plan with these patients…


  • Maintain/ regain sensation
  • Functional mobility
  • Regain muscle mass length & strength.

harry on ball best


  • Functional exercise/ underwater treadmill/ sensory feedback/ hydrotherapy/ Laser (LLLT)/ manual therapy/neuromuscular electrical stimulation

 Some of the evidence…

  • Draper et al. (2012) found LLLT to reduce time to ambulation post laminectomy for disc prolapse by 50%.
  • Kathmann et al. (2006) found daily physiotherapy helped dogs with CDRM to remain ambulatory longer.
  • Wu et al. (2009) found that in rats LLLT increased the rate of axonal regrowth after acute spinal chord injury.

P.S… Oreo is doing great!

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