Laser Therapy- 3b vs class IV.

Laser Therapy- 3b vs class IV.

This week I have had to buy some more safety glasses for my laser therapy. Stupidly I have misplaced them in our house renovation. Boy… will I be extra vigilant in the future because they cost £130 a pair!

Any way, I was on the THOR site and came across something that reminded me why I have a 3B laser not a class IV laser.

There are now more and more class IV lasers being used by vet nurses in the UK. I worry if they have the scientific knowledge to understand how to administer laser appropriately.

Last year I completed some masters level research on using laser for dogs with hip joint dysfunction. I found that laser had a significant effect on pain related behaviour. The literature review was extensive and I really had to get my head around the physics!!! However, the recommended dosage is about 6J per point for pain relief. I administer this in 30 seconds per point with my 1W laser. For inflammation the research shows you need a gentler approach with an LED pulsed laser, which I also administer.

The penetration depth I can achieve with my 1W laser is up to 5cm through clear skin. The research to support this is a bit thin, but there is evidence to support superficial use of laser over acupuncture points has a statistically similar effect to acupuncture (Shen et al. 2008), and a better effect than acupressure (Kannan 2012).

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