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March News from Combined Physio!

In this month’s newsletter we’ve got a recent story about our patient of the month – Bentley! You can read more about him below.

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Patient of the month! Bentley

Bentley came to physiotherapy following a three-month history of left hind intermittent lameness starting at the end of July. Bentley improved initially, but then unfortunately slipped in the house in September and became non-weight bearing lame. In September Bentley was diagnosed with luxating knee caps on both sides and was advised crate rest, anti-inflammatory medication and physiotherapy. He was referred to a secondary veterinary centre for consideration for surgery to stabilise the knee cap.


28th October 2017
On Bentleys’ initial assessment we examined his movement and joint range. We devised a programme of exercises to do at home, treated him with low level laser therapy and habituated Bentley to the underwater treadmill in Banbury. He is a clever boy so realised quickly standing at the side meant he could take it easy. Not to be deterred I climbed into the tank with him to keep him on track.

Bentley having treatment

11th November 2017
Bentley returned two weeks later, his owners fully committed to the home exercise programme of repeated sit to stands, pole exercises and baited stretches. His gait assessment had improved, and his personality was starting to shine through. We progressed the underwater treadmill treatment quickly and started to introduce backwards walking and facilitation of the left hind during the sessions.
Over the next sessions we increased the time out walking, doing exercises and in the beginning of December we re introduced the first ball throw.

14th December
Bentley was due to return to Abington park today for a surgical review but as he was progressing so well the vets decided a non-surgical approach was the way forward.

Bentley Feeling Better

Since then we have been finding ways to keep Bentleys appetite for activity satisfied, we are still yet to tire him out during a treatment session. Well done Bentley it’s been a pleasure working with you!


We had the pleasure of going on a fantastic laser or photobiomodulation therapy (as it’s now called) update, with Thor laser in London in December.

Then in February we attended the annual ACPAT conference in Rugby. The after dinner speaker was a vet from Streetvet, which is a great charity providing veterinary care to pets on the street.


Later in the month we also hosted a MSc student equine assessment day to 15 students at Oaklands stable, Tysoe. This was taught by the midsvet physio team of myself, Kathryn Welland, Rachel Cartwright and Fiona Dove.


The easy way to pay

To make life easy for you we accept card payments for the sessions. This saves you having to worry about bringing cash or a cheque. We are still able to produce invoices if you wish to pay by bank transfer.

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