June Update From Combined Physio


We hope you’re well and enjoying the sunshine. It seems like summer is finally here!

This months news

  • Our patient of the month: Babe.
  • Google review: We would appreciate your help in typing a quick google review.
  • Medivet: We have the pleasure of now working with Medivet.

Patient of the month – The story of Babe from Bedfordshire…

Babe is a 9 year old bay sport horse. I was referred Babe by Towcester Equine Vets, after the owner asked them to look at him when he was ‘footy’ in front post shoeing.

Full work up showed low grade lameness located at bilateral hock and sacroiliac joints with muscular back pain. X-rays of his thoracic spine showed close T11/12.

He had his hocks and sacroiliac joints injected with steroid, acupuncture and was being rested from ridden work initially. He then had his T11/12 injected, and a second sacroiliac injection later.

Babe Babe

As you can see in these initial images, his posture was fairly inefficient in helping him with his back, pelvis and hock pain.

Here’s a short video of the low grade right hind lameness we were dealing with initially.

My plan was to resolve the muscular soreness that he had developed, improve his posture and improve his movement patterning. I did this using laser therapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, massage techniques and joint mobilisations.

He had a graded strengthening programme involving ground pole work, long reining before ridden work, and static postural stability exercises. We also had to get the saddle fitter involved to ensure that his saddle was not contributing to any of the soreness.

Click here to him doing some of the pole work

He is now sound, much stronger, much more comfortable and back to competition level!

Babe feeling better

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We now have the pleasure of working with Medivet. This is a fantastic opportunity. Medivet have many practices throughout the country and have taken over the running of Rainsbrook Vets.

In May, I had the pleasure of talking to the regional vets about the benefits of physiotherapy/hydrotherapy for their clients and the referral process to us.

That’s all for this month. We look forward to talking with you very soon.

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